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     My new Wood shop used to be a bank...  A real actual "Money Filled" bank!  In fact, I worked there for a while several years ago, and as a kid my mom worked there too! It was at this very bank that as a kid I opened my very first savings account- (I still have it).       Inside the bank building, there is a teller counter that I have removed to make room for more tools, , and I decided to leave the carpet on the floor for now.  It custs down on the echo in the shop and I've been able to clean it up with a Bissell cleaner and a broom.   Of course some of my projects have been to build shop furniture and storage, as well as getting my tools installed and set up correctly. Plus, running more electrical wiring, installing dust collection and air lines and a ton of other little things.   

     The Shop area with all my tools is in what was the original main lobby and teller area.  There is a second room that is added on to that space that will become my finishing and storage area, and yet another small wing that will house my office and video editing area- plus a second attached room that Is converted into a nice little recording studio, complete with a window into the control room (it looks back into my office area). storage for amps, guitars, drum set, etc!   

     Back out in the main area there is even a vault that still works!  maybe one day I can put stacks of cash in there (should I win the lottery or something!), not sure what to put in there yet I don’t even have any festool or really expensive tools for crying out loud!  Maybe the vault will become my CNC area should I ever get one of those, I'm still not sure exactly where the final home of everything is, but hey- not knowing is half the fun!

check out some of my favorite tools!

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