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The Time has Come...

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Finally! At long last it is time to get the tools out of storage and begin putting them to use.

I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity to finally get my bigger tools out of storage and back to work. So many little decisions to make- When I put the tools in this storage unit, I had fully intended to be bringing them to their new home (originally a steel post frame building I was going to build on our property), and the idea of moving into the Making Bank hadn'e even been thought of.

I've always believed in the "Use what you've got" mentality. This especially applied to the making bank! There is room for an office, a recording room, the wood shop, plenty of extra storage, awesome security system (It was a bank after all)... even a bathroom!

So, in the context of use what you've got... we had the bank, we had decided to change course from when we originally bought the building, so now it's just time to start moving in the tools and start building!

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