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The Making Bank

I’m Starting a new Shop:

Over the course of my adult life I’ve had many different variations of woodshops… from a dirt floor single car garage, to a dedicated standalone workshop, to an old commercial building- to the space that I am now building out and converting into my dream shop.    One thing that has remained the same over all these years, a love for building and creating new things.   Isn’t that what having a shop is all about?  Even if you’re just repairing something, or converting something old into something that’s new again, it seems to me the real part of the process that we enjoy has to do with creating.  We were made to create.  Whether we are creating with words, with wood, metal, plastics, creating on some sort of electronic medium (i.e. photo, video, audio, etc…) or even if we’re working to create new or better relationships, or just creating that perfect unforgettable moment in time… The part of all these things I enjoy the most is creating.   I suppose this is why I’m so excited to begin creating my new shop space, because creating is all about meshing new ideas with old ones, rehashing, redoing, remaking, reviving ideas that we’ve seen before that we remember, and even some we don’t!  I’m intending to chronicle this journey here, so if you’re reading this, thanks for joining me and if you have ideas for how I can make anything easier or better in my shop, please let me know.  It’s the sharing and caring in this online community of builders, makers, woodworkers, and creators that always makes me smile.


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