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Router Storage

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

I found this shelf / box / router bit holder / not-sure-what-it-is / Thing at the ReStore.

Router Bit Shelf
Router Bit Shelf

Wow! I was super surprised to look in the corner, up on a shelf and see this thing! I knew instantly it was made to hold router bits across the shelf and I couldn't wait to get it down to inspect it.

It was $15.00!

"I am building a new cabinet with a ton more features... But my inspiration comes almost completely from this piece."

I couldn't wait to get this back to the shop to start filling it up. I wish I knew what the original owner had originally put in it. I can only guess, but it seems as though the bottom definitely held a bunch or router bits, so I knew it would hold my MLCS set and the pile of extra bits I had bought on Ebay, and even have space for my set of Keller Jig Bits for my dovetail jig. For right now I've been hanging my edge guide up on what appeared to maybe have been a hammer holder? I'm not sure exactly what it was originally, but I am very happy with my decision to make a storage center for my routers and router accessories out of this thing! I knew when I bought it that I would be making improvements to it, but I'm still not sure about how many I am planning to make, many parts of this box don't need any improvement, but yet there is a lot of customization I would like to do so I'm thinking I will use this as an idea starter and make something completely new, and completely awesome out of it! The only thing I am positive of is that it is going to be awesome! Don't worry, I will post the plans and the video as soon as It is complete. I park my router table underneath it, it works surprisingly well, and I love that everything is right where I need it!

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